President's Message


              “At some point in life, the world’s beauty becomes enough.”

                                                                   Toni Morrison


Enjoying our area’s natural beauty and community of gardeners, I am filled with a sense of gratitude.  With my continuing appreciation to all the members of the club who help make this a vibrant organization with their contributions, I look forward to spending another rewarding year together. 


Our evolution in learning about the interactions of plants in our environment and new ways to bring forth beauty in arrangements of plants, our programs help us all to expand our thinking and approaches, all within our special community of fellow gardeners.  When approaching a new adventure, various wisdom traditions encourage the individual to have a beginner’s mind, the state of being free from preconceived views and willing to learn.  I find that many lovers of gardening, floral design, and civic and environmental responsibility naturally gravitate to this place of the beginner’s mind.  Our club provides a welcome home to all who seek to expand their knowledge with like-minded souls.


Celebrating our coastal sense of place, our club will continue to support local events and service organizations with a variety of projects, including our popular decorations for the seasonal holiday celebrations throughout the year.  Our programs and trips provide us insight into the regional gardens of the area.  Our programs will bring to the club leaders in the areas of native plants and floral design. 


As always, we will be sharing our love of gardens with each other, making new friendships to carry us along on this journey.


Janet Meenehan Point


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1937                  Nassau Garden Committee organized with eight members.

1939                  Nassau Garden Group Reorganized with twenty-four active members.

1947                  Nassau Garden Group renamed Sussex Gardeners.

1947                  Sussex Gardeners held their first Standard Flower Show.

1948                 All Day Greens Meeting held in basement of Rehoboth Methodist Church to make wreaths.for churches, homes,

                        and members.

1954                 Garden Therapy Project at Stockley Hospital began.  The project continued for over the next fifty years.

1958                  Sussex Gardeners joined the newly formed Delaware Federation of Garden Clubs.

966                  Sussex Gardeners printed the Delaware Wildflower Book.

1987                  Sussex Gardeners celebrated their 50th Anniversary.

1994                 Sussex Gardeners decorated the dining room at the Governor’s Mansion for the holidays.

1997                 Elva Davidson was elected as the first Sussex Gardeners member to be President of DFGC.

2001                  “Yummm” cookbook was produced as a special fundraising project.

2009                  “Saluting our Police” garden completed at DE State Police Troop 7, Lewes.

2014                 Sussex Gardeners created and dedicated a Memorial Garden

2017                  Sussex Gardeners celebrated their 80th Anniversary





To bring together, through membership in the organization, the members of the community who have a genuine

interest in gardening and related skills.


To study and advance the fine art of gardening, landscape design, floral design and horticulture.


To aid in the conservation and protection of our natural resources.


To promote the educational aspect of gardening in youth groups.


To further garden therapy programs.


To encourage civic beautification.


To cooperate and assist in the objectives of the Delaware Federation of Garden Clubs (DFGC), the Central Atlantic

Region of State Garden Clubs, Inc. (CAR-SGC) and the National Garden Clubs, Inc. (NGC).